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Crypt Shyfter

title:Crypt Shyfter
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platform:Online, web browser
features:text, visuals
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Crypt shyfter was a series of 27 gamebooks with battle elements and one full scale rpg adventure produced by the author kungfu space barbarian. Most were short, mini adventures seeing you take on the roll of a barbarian/space hero/kungfu martial art/cowboy badass, and whack your way through a lot of weird worlds showing off your awesomness, and revelling in the shear overthetop heroic nature of insanely bonkers fantasy, from fighting off a t rex with rocket launchers for arms, to taking on time travelling alien gladiators with your barbarian sword.

Unfortunately, the current status of the games is entirely unknown. Originally, the entire series was sold through Itch.io where the games could be downloaded, with some of the free entries also playable on other online gaming sites like newgrounds. Then, at some point in 2019, the creator, Kungfu space barbarian, took down his own site, and the collection could be bought on Itch.io from the creator of an erotic fantasy game series(even though the crypt shyfter series was far more heroic than erotic). now however, that seems to no longer be possible, and though a quick google search will show some of the free entries listed on online game sites, what the status of the entire collection, or indeed its creator is, is unfortunately unknown.


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