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download page:link
genre:Racing Games
developer:Talon (previously DragonApps)
platform:Online, web browser
release:July 2017
features:text, sound
last edit by:Dark


Cyclepath, as the name suggests is to road safety what the Texas Chainsaw massacre is to health and safety regulations for proper tool use. As the high octane intro suggests, the goal of the game is simple. Playing as a motor cycle driving maniac, your aim is simply to survive, despite the fact you've decided to drive along the road in the wrong direction to all oncoming traffic, grabbing up coins along the way, racing up ramps, and through tunnels and engaging in stunts which would give any self respecting traffic warden nightmares for life.

End up as road kill, and the game ends, however you can always use those coins to purchase some nifty extras from different types of bikes to alternative roads to race on, and no matter how many times you end splattered over the front of on coming car, at least your legacy will live on in the form of achievements and statistics.

If your wondering why the above platform says "online web browser", this is because Cyclepath iis one of the first audiogames to take advantage of more advanced web technology, to produce a fully immersive, high quality audio gaming experience right in your browser. This not only means all of the menus and such are quite accessible with a variety of screen readers, but also that the game is fully playable on any number of systems including mobile phones, though for those who want a more standard game to play on their computer, the above download link is provided for the windows version, whilst the Mac version can be found here, and the Linux version can be found here

Note that if playing with NvdA you'll need to switch to browse mode (NvdA space), in order to navigate the game and menus correctly, whilst its recommended Jaws userss make sure Jaws is put to sleep during playing.

The game is entirely free, however a donation link can be found on the above website in case you want to show your appreciation financially.

With many different items to buy, achievements to unlock, a truly rich and detailed sound environment and extremely addictive, old school difficulty gameplay, Cyclepath comes definitely recommended, despite the lack of road safety.


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