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DD Heroes

title:DD Heroes
download page:No link!
genre:Strategy Games
developer:Jianfeng Wu
features:text, sound, visuals
last edit by:Dark


Like his extremely popular BC 4000 DD heroess; or dragon dungeon heroes to give the game its full title, is a handy, and completely accessible Ios version of a popular strategy game, this time the heroes of might and magic series.

Played on a fully labelled map of interlocking hexagons, DD Heroes lets you command a number of mighty warriors, in your battle against other empires, upgrade castles to produce nhew heroes and units, explore vast worlds, and find unknown treasures.

There are three main parts to the game. Each turn, you can take time moving your heroes around the map, gathering resources and fighting monsters. Simply tap the different buttons to select each hero, then explore around the screen to see what is around your hero and where to move.

During combat,Enter a turned based strategical game, similar in some ways to Tactically battle, in which your heroes various military units will be placed onto a 10 x 10 board along with your enemies. Lambast enemies from a distance, or move melee units in close to attack, plus remember your heroes abilities such as spell casting can be used too. ,/p>

Then, remember to take each turn to manage any castles you acquire, building buildings which will let you recruit more heroes, defend your castle by building walls and towers, produce more units or resources and even allow your heroes to learn special attacks or upgrades.

Like Bc 4000 the game has so many available player created maps its not funny, with different campaigns, terrain and artifacts, as well as a range of heroes to play as, from barbarian, to dragon to wizard, also like Bc 4000, surprisingly for such a truly complex game, it sis entirely free!

As with all Ios titles the game also has its own page on applevis found here

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