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Dark keyboard

title:Dark keyboard
download page:link
developer:7-128 Software
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Dark Keyboard is a handy litle program from 7-128 software. While not actually a game, it could prove very useful to people playing audio games on the Pc, especially people just starting out to learn the computer or people who've bought one of the weerder keyboards with a none-standard layout.

The program is very symple. Start it up, press a key, and the in built voice will identify that key for you. This includes absolutely all the strange keys like scroll lock and screen pause. So next time a game manual asks you to press weerd keys to begin playing, ---- there's no need to panic sinse you can always find out where they are.

Note that while the program itself is free, you'll need some of the folders automatically installed by the 7-128 Gamebook In order to run it. You don't need the gamebook itself in either it's full or demo state, you just need some of it's auto installed folders such as the tools and 7-128 program folders. Just delete the gamebook itself if you don't want it and there won't be a problem.

Oh, and if you were wondering whether Dark keyboard, 7-128's other utility program Dark timer and a certain burk called dark have anything in common, the answer is absolutely nothing whatsoever!


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