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Darkened chain

title:Darkened chain
url:No link!
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genre:Adventure Games
release:February, 2018
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brian.kurosawa from Brazil noticed that there are no audiogames which replicate the theme of exploration horror titles like resident evil or silent hill, so decided to have a go at filling this gap. Darkened chain combines a horror themed adventure, with something of a miner maze game. Move in the cardinal directions with a s w and d, and use the arrows to tell what objects are around you. As the game begins, you start in your tiny flat trying to get ready and leave for work which gives you a chance to try out the controls and get an idea of how the game works. Soon however, your normal day at work goes rather wrong as you find yourself taking a lesser known route, then waking in a mysterious house with no memory of how you got there.

Look around, investigate your surroundings, and be prepared to run for your life, since what is going on in this house is definitely less than normall. Told in several chapters, the game is highly atmospheric with ambient sounds, messages provided by your screen reader, and an absorbing story.

Its even possible to play in different languages, with thus far English and Brazilian Portuguese supported, though anyone who would like to submit extra files can do so easily by just editing the original text file then contacting Brian on our forum to have new translations included in the game.

Have fun but Beware of ghosts!


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