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Daytona and the book of gold

title:Daytona and the book of gold
download page:link
genre:Arcade Games
developer:Jeremy Kaldobsky also known as Aprone
release:December 2010
last edit by:Dark


Daytona is a completely new kind of action/arcade game in audio, written by Aprone on sunny Daytona beach in Florida

Step into the rather threadbare shoes of the wizard Daytona, who hasn't really been having much success in making magic lately and is reduced to scouring around the graveyard. Fortunately, in a nitch in a tomb wall he comes upon a book which could be the answer to all his financial troubles, the infamous book of gold. This mysterious tome contains a spell which can conjure gold coins out of thin air. The only trouble is, that unless the spell is completed very exactly, the gold will melt away into smoke and thin air is all poor old Daytona will be left with once again.

Thus in Daytona you get the chance to try your hand at casting a complex and detailed magic spell. The only catch is, that this spell must be cast not with an encantation, but by performing hand gestures. So in the game you must use the mouse to draw the shapes spoken out in course of Daytona's reading, hold the left mouse button down, move the mouse, and release to try and draw the shape. Draw well enough and gold will mystically appear, however after a short time the gold will start to vanish so you don't have the chance to mess up too often. Magic enough gold up, and you'll move on to the next stage of the spell (or rather the next level), when another shape is added to the mix. Starting with two shapes, you'll have to go through ten levels of increasingly more hechtic magic in order to make daytona's financial situation secure.

Because using the mouse is a new concept to many vi gamers, the developer has inserted various helpful options and inervative methods to show the player what the shapes look like. Using the "consult the book of gold" option in the main menue, you can not only get a verbal description of the mouse movements needed to draw each shape, but by pressing ctrl a, you can switch to tone map mode. This will play tones for each direction the mouse moves, and play sequences which are needed for each shape, ---- making it far easier to tell where you might be going wrong (tone mode can also be used in the main game).

Though the gameplay is symple, the execution is devilishly complex, being as it takes manual skill to maneuver the mouse correctly, so don't expect to master this game the first time you play.

Should! you master the game, there are additional difficulties where gold will vanish soon after it's been conjured to challenge you further.

Daytona and the book of gold is completely free, but there is a donation button on the above website, should you wish to show the games' creator your support financially.

With a great back story, some most dramatic background music (which increases in excitement depending upon your progress in a level), and a truly unique control method, this is one of the most inervative games we've seen recently, sinse the challenge is based not upon how quickly you can react or how fine tuned your audio positioning skills are, but on your ability to train your brain and muscles to perform a coordinated task with your hand. This makes Daytona far more like learning a new skill such as playing an instrument or learning a sport, than playing a symple game, and sinse the developer has promixed we haven't seen the last either of wizard Daytona or of mouse controlled audio games, it's a skill well worth mastering.

Further information about Aprones games can be found The audio archive site


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