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Deathmatch: a new beginning

title:Deathmatch: a new beginning
download page:link
developer:Reality software
release:December 2014
last edit by:Dark


Death match, a new beginning was a complex futuristic online universe created by reality software, set in the same world as their previous title Death match, project alpha. In the game, players interacted in a large futuristic top down world represented entirely by audio, with players able to walk around in a top down perspective, using the arrows to move north, south, east and west, interact with objects and each other, fly spaceships, perform a variety of activities from asteroid hauling to combat to full scale mining and ship crafting, and of course rise in rank..

Uniquely, since the game all took place from a top down perspective, many of the activities involved players having to physically walk between locations for interactions. For example, when flying a spaceship, a player had to move between the sensor, weapons and other consoles just as on a real ship, and of course players could team up together if they wished.

Though a full scale audiogame, players could engage in some of the same activities as in space based muds like Miriani, with activities like debris salvaging, asteroid hauling and mining, ship building, and of course combat. Indeed, if players progressed far enough, they could even take mining to a hole new level and begin planet cracking, the ability to blow planetoids apart with missiles and gather up the valuable minerals inside

The game's initial version in 2015 worked well and instituted a number of activities, up to and including planet cracking, however issues with the player base, vandalising accounts and a few bugs meant the game was discontinued. A new version was planned, but as of 2017, only debris salvaging was implemented, and unfortunately reality software seem to have dropped off the map, and all work on their games has ceased, which is a shame, since Death match, a new beginning had a great deal of potential.

The game ran through client programs that connected to a central server. However, reality software did offer the server code itself for others to create their own copy of the death a new beginning universe. The audiogames archive hosts a copy of the server code which can be downloaded at the above link, but note that it is extremely buggy, and is very much unsupported, so try at your own risk.

additional resources

A large number of guides and other materials were written about the game, and can still be found in our articles room. Go here for UltraLeetJ's guide on objects and controls, Here For Omar Alvarado's guide to missiles, and Here, for his guide to the dangerous and lucrative art of planet cracking.

More recently, in 2017, Conor 142, put together This pilot's handbook, which describe keystrokes, and the process of debris salvage, though as you'll notice from that guide, the later version of the game was sadly less complete than it's predecessor.


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