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Deathmatch: project alpha

title:Deathmatch: project alpha
download page:link
genre:Side Scroller
developer:Reality software
release:July 2014
last edit by:Dark


Death match, project alpha is a horror themed science fiction side scroller. When your spaceship crashes, you find yourself lost on an abandoned space station, trapped in the dark, and hunted by nasty aliens. Only your engineering and ship piloting skills, a quick hand with a laser gun, and of course the ability to get out of tentacle reach quickly is likely to help you make it through alive.

The game features a complex, maze like layout in full 2 dimensions with ladders to climb and chasms to jump across. Rather than each level simply being an absolute kill fest, each level is more comprised of a series of tasks in the story. You'll find yourself unlocking locked security boxes, flying on a jet pack, fixing spaceship reactors with a tractor beam, and of course trying out your own piloting skills as you dodge asteroids, all whilst never knowing just when some tentacled monster will jump out of the dark to try to have it's way with you.

The game even featured a level creator, and one of those custom missions, an action run to a space shuttle under severe threat, is included in the game as an extra.

Though reality software are no longer developing, the game can still be freely downloded from the above link on the audiogames archive, though bare in mind, as a game that hasn't been updated for a long while, there may be some issues running on modern windows.

additional resources

Controls will be explained in game, but for a more complete explanation, as well as a spoiler free explanation of where to go see Guitarman's guide to the game, with Part 1 found here, and Part to found here

Beware of aliens.


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