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genre:Strategy Games
developer:Ertay Shashko
platform:amazon Alexa
release:april, 2020
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Desolate is Ertay's second board game adapted for the Alexa platform following Dungeon Roll. This time, it is Grey Gnome games fantastic solo dice and card game set in the distant future aboard a; well desolate space station.

There had been no communication with station 04 on the distant moon X483. A rescue mission was mounted, and you were on that ship as it lost use of its controls and crashed but meters from the station's entrance. After the smoke cleared, you realized you were the only survivor. You made your way into the station in hopes of finding help, only to be shocked by the horrors within. You are alone. You must escape. You must survive...

As the above description from Grey gnome games says, your goal in desolate is to escape the abandoned space station by powering up your shuttle. Unfortunately, your shuttle's reactor is at nill, and the only way of getting it back up to strength is with five energy cells, energy cells you must find by exploring the desolate space around you.

during each turn of the game, draw two cards from the fifteen card exploration deck, and choose to either play, IE, explore, the face up card and discard the unknown one, or discard the face up card and take your chances with the unknown. Some cards may be rooms, such as the armoury in which you may gain ammo, the sick bay where you can recover health, or the laboratory where you can find extra oxygen. Of particular note, are the two engineering bays on each level (the two engineering bay cards in the 15 card deck), where you can find those precious energy cells.

The reason you need that ammo will soon become apparent, since the space station is far from empty, and so as well as drawing rooms from the exploration deck, you'll also find yourself running into a number of extremely hostile aliens to. At this point, your dice come in to play, choose how much ammunition, IE, how many six sided dice, you wish to roll, to damage the alien, whilst the alien rolls it's own damage against you. Of course, you can always put down your gun and resort to fisticuffs, though bare in mind you'll only be doing one damage at a time if you choose that route.

After you draw all the cards, the deck is reshuffled and you start on another level of the station, though of course the deeper you go, the more oxygen you will need.

Fortunately, whether from defeating aliens or from rummaging in storage bays, you will come upon the odd resource crate, however to open these you'll need to forgo exploring a room, which means discarding the top card from the pile, this will help you move on to the next level faster, but might just make you grone if you find yourself discarding the engineering bay by mistake.

Aditional resources

Though you should be able to enable desolate simply by telling Alexa, you can always Go here to find the Amazon skill page. You can Go here to read Ertay's account of the games' development from his blog, and of course don't forget to Visit Grey gnome games, makers of the original dice and card game.

Desolate is a surprisingly addictive game, with strategy, various choices to make, different items to try and always the possibility of things working out better if the cards fall in your favour, getting stuck on a desolate space station has never been this much fun.


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