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Dice world

title:Dice world
download page:No link!
genre:Social game hub
platform:Ios, Android
release:February 2013
features:text, sound, visuals
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Rather like Gameworld Dice world is a social hub where blind and sighted players can play competitive traditional games online against each other, games that are simple to learn, addictive, and yet at times quite challenging. The major difference however is that in Dice world all of the games feature cuboid objects with twenty one spots on the sides as a way to determine random outcomes. Or in other words, all of the games are dice games.

The collection features thus far six games including:

  • Pig: One of the simplest games to learn and play, roll a single die to accumulate score, and bank your score to pass play to the next player. The only catch is roll a one (the eponymous pig), and you lose all unbanked score, making it important to know when not to push your luck. First player to 100 points wins.

  • Farkel: A game somewhat similar to pig but a good bit more complex Roll six dice and score points for rolling fives, ones, three of a kind or more. Carry on rolling until you either bank your score, or you farkel, i.e arrive on a roll that scores nothing, which also takes away all your scores for that turn. Learning which dice to put back into the pot to roll again and when to quit while your ahead are important skills for the expert farkler, though fortunately the game will help you by identifying possible roll options.
  • One four twenty four (also called midnight): Again try to accumulate score over ten rounds. by rolling six dice. However, each roll you must choose to bank one dice. Scores don't count unless you include at least one one and one four, and though there are some special rolls to score more highly, like for of a kind these are hard to come by.
  • Threes: A wonderfully mercenary game which is almost like the harts of dice games. The idea is to get as low a score as possible by rolling five dice and then choosing to bank one. Since however threes count zero, whilst five of a kind rolls actually take away from your score, this makes it a game of extremely hard luck>

  • Yahtzy: One of the most popular of all dice games devised at a dinner party on a yacht (hence the name). Roll five dice, with three chances to reroll. In each of the thirteen rounds fill in one of the scoring categories such as three of a given value, low straight (four dice in sequence), or the dreaded Yahtzee, five of a kind. If you can't fill in a score you need to put a zero, making this a game of sacrifice and strategy, though since once again you have clear hints on what dice rolls are available you shouldn't be confused as to choices you have each roll.

  • Balut: Like Yahtzee in overdrive. fill in 28 categories with the same rolling rules as Yahtzee, though if you qualify for a category you earn the total roll of the dice. Earn bonus points by filling in different groups of categories with enough score, though be careful of when you might need to add a zero. not as hard as it sounds, and a treat for Yahtzee lovers, once again available with handy hints on your choices which help in becoming familiar with the game's rules.

All of the games can be played against a human as turn based games online, making it an ideal way for people in different countries or time zones across the world to compete with each other, particularly since the game can be played in several languages including German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese and French. Also, since you can start as many games running as you like there shouldn't be a shortage of opponents. Tournaments are run every day which people can sign up for and earn prizes, and if you don't have any specific friends you want challenge to the game you can always try a random opponent.

As well as playing against other humans, there is a crazy selection of computer opponents to play against each with their own voice and personality from a a rowdy basket ball player to the president of America himself. winning against these computer players is also more difficult than you'd expect because the computer is not an easy opponent. Though currently there are no computer opponents for One four twenty four or Balut, this is likely to change in the future.

As well as bragging rights, winning games raises your experience and lets you level up. Higher levels unlock several interesting rewards including some different computer opponents with even crazier sounds, some other sorts of dice to play with, from polished wood to gold and emerald, and above all the chance to earn some gold.

Gold can be used in special bonus games to get an extra reroll, which can provide some additional strategic options especially against human players and be useful for getting yourself out of a bind.

The game is absolutely free to play, however there are some extras available in the dice world ap store. Although you can earn gold through playing, or through watching add videos, you can buy gold for cash if you wish, or earn extra by broadcasting your victories on twitter or facebook, and if your impatient to unlock some of the higher level prizes you can buy those in the store too. You can also remove adverts from the game as well for a small charge. though since the adds are at the bottom of the screen they cause little issue for voiceover.

Speaking of Voiceover, the controlls and accessibility here couldn't be clearer. The dashboard page is split into a number of headings, social headings for chatrooms, news and announcements, a game list of current games, with options to create a game, and buttons to enter the help section, which contains interactive tutorials on how to play all of the games plus audio demos.

The game's settings has a wide range options from setting the text colour and background to your liking, to letting you decide how notifications are spoken by voiceover, or what details of your type of dice you get announced, plus there is a kid mode which turns off social functions for concerned parents.

With quirky sound affects, from porcine grunting in the pig game to orchestral fanfares should you actually achieve a Yahtzee, the game's audio landscape is as rich as any traditional style game could be. /p>

As usual there is This page on the applevis site for more information about the game including a podcast detailing gameplay.

Thomas Domville of the Applevis team has also recorded This podcast demonstrating the game.

With a huge range of options from social chatting to casual play, Dice world is likely to appeal to casual gamers, social butterflies and hard core risk takers at all levels and therefore comes highly recommended (its won several awards as game of the year from Applevis), and seeing the quality of the game's design and huge range of options, even with such a comparatively straight forward set of games, its not hard to see why.


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