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Dragon village

title:Dragon village
download page:link
genre:Strategy Games
developer:Rocky waters
release:September 2018
features:text, sound, visuals
last edit by:Dark


Life in a peasant village is never easy. Firstly, you have the problem of keeping your people fed. Oh, there is some good farmland, provided of course that the weather stays clement, (better keep an eye on that), and the river is full of fish, though fishing can be a hazardous business, you could even gather nuts and fruits in the forest if you get desperate enough, but then there are those rats who sneak into the grain store each night and glut themselves on your produce.

Then there is the problem of money. Oh you have a blacksmith and your people are fairly good at making baskets and other goods, but travellers only come around every so often, and of course there is still the need to harvest grain and grind it in the mill and so on.

If all that wasn't bad enough, there are rumours about a large pack of man eating wolves in the forest, and an ever expanding bunch of bandits in the hills, not to mention some worrying smoke on the northern horizon. And the king has just announced he wants you to build a manner here (assuming you can find some craftspeople with the know how to do it of course). its not all bad though, the king might be able to help with the bandit problem if you butter him up with enough gifts, and if you do manage to find some extra food there's always that hungry village to the east with refugees galore. You could even try praying to the gods if things get desperate enough.

Welcome to Dragon village, a game of hard choices and resource management. Move around the village with your arrow keys and assign villagers to different places to perform jobs, from harvesting grain, to drinking at the tavern or even spending a little time trying to make new villagers to swell your population. When all your assignments are done you can end your turn, read the report and see how your strategy is working, though be ware of unexpected surprises.

You'll need to keep a watch on the weather, anticipate attacks from wolves and bandits, placate a powerful witch and eventually even tangle with dragons in order to be successful. With ever changing events, a number of quests and Easter eggs to find, several difficulty levels and the need to keep modifying your strategy to circumstances, dragon village definitely falls in the category of games that are easy to learn but difficult to master and should be a treat to strategy and rpg fans alike.

One thing you don't have to work to master is the interface. Using just arrow keys and a number of keyboard shortcuts to quickly find out information (with an integrated help system), the game couldn't be simpler to understand.

With output to NvdA, Dolphin supernova, Pc talker, system access, Jaws, or Microsoft Sapi for the self voicing option, and even a fully integrated set of highly visible graphic tyles which could prove helpful to players with residual vision, as well as options to modify graphic colours and text properties, Dragon village is highly worth a visit, best of all, its free, though anything you might wish to donate to Rocky waters to support future games development is gratefully accepted.

Happy gaming and don't feed the dragons.


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