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Dragonflame game engine

title:Dragonflame game engine
download page:link
developer:Dragonflame Project
release:July 2012
features:text, sound
last edit by:Dark


The Dragonflame game engine represents the collaborative efforts of a couple of long standing audio game developers to create an easy and simple scripting engine that will make creating high quality, easily playable audio games as easy and quick as possible. though the engine is still under developement and in alpha phase, it has already been used to great effect to make the game Scape skate

the engine uses the Lua scripting language, known as one of the easiest of all programming languages to get to grips with thanks to it's easy to understand syntax, and contains many modules and functions for game creation, especially when it comes to sound handling, as well as functions to cope with stats and statistics or passing text to tts software or screen readers. Though undoubtedly still at a relatively early time of developement, it's already quite usable, and example games can be found on the above site. It is also, completely free.

As the eventual goal is to create a full cmmunity of game programmers using the engine, any and all input is very welcome, and anyone with a bent to try programming and a degree of understanding of Lua is very much encouraged to give it a try.

Links to a number of Resources for learning the basics of lua can be found in the Dragon flame manual.


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