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developer:eFireball Media
platform:Online, web browser
release:2013, Ongoing
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Looking at the features list and description of the game Drakor on it's homepage, you might be forgiven for thinking you'd seen it all before. An ancient land with magic, where players take on the role of adventurers of either the human, elven, dwarven, trollish or goblin races, all of which have a somewhat checkered history, magic spells, weapons and armor to equip, combat against monsters, quests to do, items to make and exploration of a fantasy kingdom. What is less usual however are the ways in which Drakor achieves all of this, sinse the game is one of the most unique you will find.

Firstly, and most noteably is the way combat in Drakor works. Rather than the basic fire and forget method of many online games, in Drakor, combat is almost like a collectable card game. As well as equipping weapons and armor that change your characters stats, you also equip 10 combat abilities such as damage, which directly damages your foe, healwhich heals your hitpoints, buffs such as making your enemy take damage every time they attack or clensing abilities should your opponent decide to curse you. In battle therefore, each round you choose which of these abilities to activate, which will usually also involve looking at what your opponent does.

Similarly, with exploration Drakor is a little different. When you hit "explore the world" you will find a description of where you are and various actions you can do in that location, talking to npcs, hunting for creatures or travelling elsewhere north south east or west, or indeed gathering, logging, fishing or a number of other crafts. Most things in the game such as travelling or even hunting for creatures take time to complete, though activating buffs or eating food can lesson those timers (it's six seconds to travel for example).

While battles in the game are rather involved, other actions are less so and indeed can be performed by simply leaving the game to run. For example, in order to mine or fish, simply click on the mining or fishing area and let your character get on with it. With many quests to do (many of which take trading and crafting as well as slaying), a world it takes time to explore, guilds to join which help out new players and a rich history, Drakor is a game not to miss, especially sinse new features and items are continually added, most recently pets that give you certain special abilities or buffs, and mounts to ride.

Access wise, though the game will require good use of your screen reader, all the information you need is available, however bare in mind the game employs comparatively few links or standard web controls, usually you will need to directly click on text. First, activate the checkbox for "accessibility" mode under "account" that will insure that everything in the game, even those things that are usually graphical like items in the inventory have text to click on instead. To travel, click on "explore the world", read the description of your starting location and click another location to travel to, while in battle, read the descriptions of what happens each round towards the bottom of the page, and click on "use" or "pass" on your 10 abilities above to activate them (note that the "use" and "pass" functions are set above the description of each ability, this is usual for a lot of items in the game. .

The inventory is somewhat unusual sinse it shows items in columns, but should be fairly self explanetory so long as you remember often when you click on an item's description the description will appear in a small box towards the top of the page, so clicking on a battle ability will show the box, with an "X" to close the box, a "equip" and "sell" buttons, though once clicked you will always get alerts back in the middle of the inventory. also note that you need to click on "options" to distribute your inventory between items and types of trading goods, (use the dropdown combo boxes to change things in this section).

The game page has two main areas, the main game tab and a second tab that usually displayes the chat pain, but also can display things like the in game manual, pets section or quest log, make sure to check these). The chat system however is very accessible.

Though there is some complexity in navigation due to the game's use of hotspots and text to click rather than the more usual style of links, the developers have gone out of their way to make certain all information is accessible to visually impared players, and sinse Drakor is so unique in it's gameplay it's definitely recommended to take the time to learn the layout.

The game is entirely free to signup and play, however it does have a donation currency called tocans. Tocans may be used for various things including custom player titles, occasional pets, buying more inventory space or extending the time on the inactivity timer meaning you can have the game open for longer with your character just mining or crafting away.

While a slower paced game than some, Drakor's huge amount of detaill in everything from it's combat to it's world description definitely make it a very unique entry even to hardcore mmorpg players and so a game certainly not to be missed.


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