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download page:link
platform:Windows, Android, iOS
release:March 2019, ongoing
features:text, sound
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DreamLand is a very faithful example of an adaptation of an MMORPG to an audio game, similar to games like World of Warcraft. Your character can belong to one of 8 classes, each of which specialises in different abilities, whether that's close or ranged combat with swords or bows, offensive or defensive magic or summoning pets to fight for you. Movement and attacking is done in first person, with all 3 dimensions being taken advantage of. You can not only walk or ride around the world on various mounts, but you can also get access to ones that can fly so you can take to the skies or ones that let you dive below the surface of lakes or the ocean. You can perform a variety of tasks, whether that's progressing the story along, going on some fetch quests, or trying to clear out dungeons full of monsters and bosses. Many of these tasks can be done in a group with other players with whom you can communicate either over text or voice chat, and some even require you to be the part of a larger clan. If you don't want to team up with other players, then you can fight against them instead in PVP matches which can also gain you awards, though the PVP is optional and turned off by default so if this isn't something you want to do it can be avoided. If you're in the mood for something more laid back, you can also perform some more relaxed side activities like fishing or crafting. The labors of your work can either be consumed for healing or other boosts, sold to NPC merchants, or put up for sale in the game's auction house for other players to buy. Most if not all items as well as mounts in the game can be further customised or upgraded. Weapons and armor can be reforged, or have stones added onto them to boost various stats, while your mounts properties like their speed can be upgraded.


If you want to start out in DreamLand, I would recommend that you first visit the game's above mentioned website page using google translate or the translation feature of your web browser or screen reader, and sign up for an account. This will then be used to log in in the game. When you download the game and start it up, the first thing you'll want to do in the first menu that comes up is go to the very last option and select it to switch to English, and review the help menu for all of the keyboard commands/screen gestures. Most of the game, including menus, tutorials, quest objectives and the interface, is translated, with the exception of the voiced story dialog, which can thankfully be copied to the clipboard for manual translation.


The game itself is free, but includes an extensive system of various microtransactions. With real money, you can purchase the game's in-game currency called diamonds. Diamonds can then be exchanged into various items, from temporary character boosts, to cosmetic items like emotes to a VIP subscription which gives you more permanent bonuses, daily member awards, as well as makes your character automatically grind by killing monsters to aid leveling up even if you're not logged in. There is also another currency in the game, which is earned after completing some quests, but can also be gained by auctioning off items or exchanged from diamonds. It can be used to buy items in the auction house as well as some of the boosts. These purchases are not required to play the game, but do speed up progress considerably in some areas. You will also be able to obtain various awards by being active in the game by logging in every day or completing limited time events.


In addition to the Windows version linked in the download above, the game is also available for Android and iOS.


Despite the language barrier and rather high number of microtransactions, DreamLand is worth checking out as there's nothing else quite like it in audio at the moment. The presentation is stunning, with atmospheric music and great sound design, complete with fully binaural sound allowing you to hear where everything is, as well as environmental effects adding things like reverb if you're inside a building. There are many pieces of scenery in the game, from things like rustling trees in forests to buskers playing music in the streets. These coupled with a weather and time of day system make the world of DreamLand really come alive!


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