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Dungeon Roll

title:Dungeon Roll
download page:No link!
genre:Strategy Games
developer:Ertay Shashko
platform:Amazon Alexa
release:April, 2020
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Ertay Shashko, a software engineer from Macedonia is a board game fan. also being blind however, he is trying to find ways of expanding interest in board games out beyond the rather narrow view of what has been accessible thus far. As suchh, Dungeon Roll is the first in what is hoped to be a long series of Alexa Adapted board games, aiming to bring all the fun of modern dice and board gaming to blind and visually impaired people, without all the hassle of labelling dice, messing with fiddly braille labels or dodgy Ocr. programs.

First released by Tasty Minstrel games in 2012, Dungeon roll combines the famous old sport of depriving dungeon dwelling monsters of their treasure, with a hazard based dice game. First, decide on which of twelve different hero types to play, such as spell sword, alchemist, enchantress or mercenary (each with their own unique abilities and leveled up state), then roll the party dice to assemble your team of adventurers ready to dive into the dungeon, since mages, thieves, fighters, the powerful champions or occasionally magical scrolls might become part of your party.

Each level of the dungeon, the dungeon lord, Aka Alexa, will roll a number of dungeon dice equal to the level to determine what monsters or loot you might find. Monsters can include oozes, skeletons and goblins, whilst loot involves chests and potions. Unfortunately, if more than three of those dungeon dice end up showing a dragon, you'll find yourself with a major fight on your hands.

Each action in the dungeon, defeating one monster, looting one chest, or quaffing potions, takes one of your party to accomplish, after which that adventurer is moved to the grave yard, however, using the right person in the right circumstances might get more done, for example one cleric can defeat any number of skeletons, whilst one thief can pick any number of chests.

The one exception is if you fight the dragon, since the dragon takes three adventurers of different types to slay.

After defeating all the monsters or taking the loot on each level, choose to seek glory and go further down into the dungeon, or retire with the experience you've got, since should you run out of adventurers and possible actions with monsters or the dragon still undefeated, you'll be getting nothing.

Aditional resources

The above link is to Ertay's own website. You should be able to enable dungeon roll by simply instructing Alexa to "enable dungeon roll game", (do not get confused with Dungeon roller, a D&D dice program). However, the direct link to the Amazon skill can be Found here

You can go here To read Ertay's account of the development of the game on his blog, and don't forget to visit Tasty minstrel games, the makers of the physical version of the game.

With three dungeon dives, a playing time of around 10 or 20 minutes, and rules that seem complex at first but are perfectly logical once you grasp them, as well as a handy help command which can always have Alexa tell you your choices at any time, Dungeon roll is the ideal for a quick, monster fighting break, indeed, even those who are not overly fond of rpgs, but enjoy casual dice games might well enjoy this one.

Beware of dragons!


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