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Dungeon Adventure

title:Dungeon Adventure
download page:No link!
genre:Role Playing Games
platform:amazon Alexa
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There are those who have said games on the Amazon Alexa platform aren't really serious, hard core efforts, yet Dungeon adventure proves them all wrong, since Dungeon adventure is not just an audio rpg, but an audio roguelike, that means hard as nails combat, tough difficulty, and not too many ways of cheating death if you come to a sticky end.

As in most roguelikes, the goal of your quest is extremely symple. Enter the dungeon of Ravensberg and slay the evil necromancer. After rolling up your character's stats using the classic 3 D6 method dungeons and dragons, Starting in the town, purchase weapons, armour, spells or training, and perhaps try to pick up a side quest or two for some extra gold. Then, it's time to enter the dungeon.

The amount of actions possible in the game is huge, negotiate with monsters or fight them, pick or pry open chests, examine rooms (though of course remember a character with a bad perception stat might not do this too well), pick up weapons and mysterious potions, and try to make it out of the dungeon alive. Indeed, there are so many commands and possible actions, it's recommended people check the above site and [url=https://www.facebook.com/AlexaDungeonAdventure/]The dungeon adventure facebook page[/url], to just see how many things you can do.

As per the rules of rogeulikes, the difficulty is also pretty brutal, and should the dice fall against you or you choose the wrong action, even a simple goblin or wererat might prove your undoing, though of course make it through and eventually slay the evil necromancer, and you might just land on the hall of fame.

Dungeon adventure is an absolute must for anyone who loves a rock hard, classically unforgiving rpg experience, and thus comes highly recommended.


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