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download page:No link!
genre:Adventure Games
platform:windows, Linux
release:april, 2021
features:text, sound, visuals
last edit by:Dark


E.X.O, is Shiftbacktick's entry in the second Itch.io No video jam competition, a true voyage of exploration in audio.

Where sound strider, was an exploration into imaginative soundscapes, and S.E.A., dove into audio oceans, this time, its off into the final frontier to experience the audio of a strange new planet.

Your mission is simple, collect materials for a military forward base on this icy moon of redacted space. Though the moon's surface is undoubtedly hostile to human life, fortunately, you are wearing the latest in space exploration technology, the e.X.O, exploration suit, an all terrain armour, capable of traversing any kind of topography. Unfortunately, as you begin your mission, your suit is not upgraded to its maximum, however this moon is rich in natural gasses and minerals which your suit can synthesise in order to build new upgrades, expanding your range of operations.

As you'd expect with a title from Shiftbacktic, the audio is truly memorable, giving you the dreamlike experience of being in a very distant part of the galaxy, through tones, sounds and a beautifully modulated audio landscape, indeed one perfect for relaxing meditation, indeed as with his other titles, E.X.O, is as much an experience as a game.

Control your E.X.O suit with either first person keyboard commands (check the manual), mouse or joypad, with stat tracking, and a lot of things to collect and build, you'll be quite surprised just how much time can drift by while your wandering the surface of another planet.

Happy exploring.


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