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Eamon Remastered

title:Eamon Remastered
download page:No link!
genre:Role Playing Games
developer:Keith Dechant
platform:Online, web browser
features:text, visuals
last edit by:Dark


Like Eamon deluxe, Eamon remastered is an attempt to bring the wonderful world of Eamon into the modern age. Begun by Don Brown in the 1980's, Eamon was a fantastic system for creating, playing and sharing text based role playing games on the Apple Ii computer.

In the centre of the milky way galaxy spins planet Eamon, a mystical place where the laws of reality do not hold quite true. Magic spells, fantastic beasts and dangerous sorcery is common place, plus, the very stability of the world of Eamon creates rifts to travel far and wide across the multiverse, everywhere from the death star battling Darth Vader, to the jungles of Vietnam, to surreal worlds run by that terrifying overlord, the fearsome computer science teacher Mr. roessler.

In the city of Evenhold, is Eamon's famous guild of free adventurers. After registering with the burly Irishman at the desk, new adventurers may purchase weapons and armour, learn spells from the resident wizard, the grumpy Hokas Tokas and set out on their adventures, returning to the main hall (should they survive), to sell off their loot to the greedy merchant Sam Slicker, and hopefully have enough gold on hand to upgrade their gear and learn some new magic before setting forth again.

Eamon adventures themselves could run the Gamut from simple hack n slash outings to slay monsters and earn gold barbarian style, to epic quests with detailed npcs, complex puzzles and much at stake, to simple surreal romps around time and space. Wherever you went though, you could always come back to the main hall afterwards. Since weaponry and stats could be carried from one adventure to another, it wouldn't be unusual to wander into a monster filled cave wielding a rocket launcher, or run around the death star chopping up storm troopers with a stone axe, plus of course, any treasures you came across could always be sold off for gold, which in turn could be used at the trainers in the main hall to improve your character making them more able to survive the next outing.

Whereas Eamon deluxe still relied on a dos style console window, and thus is unplayable without emulation on 64 bit systems, Eamon remastered is an attempt to bring Eamon to the modern age and make it easily playable anywhere by letting you play through a web browser, no emulation, no console window, just a browser, links and a simple text interface.

Being based in a browser, access couldn't be easier. Everything is standard links and buttons, with an edit area to type in your textual commands (though note most of the main hall uses links and buttons instead). Even saving is no trouble since the game saves directly via a cookie, though should you want to keep multiple saves you can login via facebook too.

Best of all, Eamon remastered currently contains over thirty Eamon adventures, with new ones released every month or so, including a number that weren't available in Eamon deluxe either.

With all of the adventuring fun of classic Eamon in an easy to use modern package, Eamon Remastered is the answer to hours of fun, and should hopefully get a new generation of Eamonaughts addicted to the wonderful world of Eamon.

Aditional resources

For more about Eamon, including walkthroughs, solutions and history, there is The wonderful wiki of Eamon found here, plus for all things Eamon check out The Eamon adventurer's guild online


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