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Ear monsters

title:Ear monsters
download page:No link!
genre:Arcade Games
developer:Ear games
release:June 2013
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Ear monsters is a rather unique arcade style game available for Ios by Ear games. Wormholes have allowed some decidedly nasty monsters from another universe to invade our world, and unfortunately said monsters are also invisible. Obviously however this being an audiogame, the monsters are less than inaudible, so your task is to slaughter as many as possible in a huge action fest not unlike the arcade classic whackamole.

Killing monsters is easy, simply tap the screen in the location where you hear them. The skill comes in identifying where the monster is, since Ear Monsters uses the same complex 3D sound as the virtual haircut program, giving each monster a distinct spacial location and meaning you'll need to not only identify the monster's position left or right of you, but also in front or behind as well. Fortunately you get three shots at each monster so you have time to perfect your aim, and a practice mode is available to get you used to hearing and targeting monsters in a helpful, death free zone.

As well as the basic monster murder, Ear monsters also gives you bombs to defuse. These are easier to find than the monsters, but risk death if they explode, though after you hit a bomb you'll get a score boost. Similarly, sometimes you'll hear a friendly air raid over head and in honour of this sudden support on your universe dfense defense you'll also recieve a timed score boost. How long can you survive and keep the universe safe?

The in game menu buttons for starting a new game, looking at high scores etc are all quite readable with voiceovver, though keeping Vo running during gameplay won't impare your monsters The game costs two pounds, or 4 usd.

Additional resources

As usual for an Ios title, Ear monsters has This page on the applevis site

You can find an interview with the game's developer here on applevis and check out a gameplay video Here on youtube

With some of the best 3D sound you'll find, even in such a short game, this is an ideal game for fans of immersive sound environmentsand quick arcade action.

Beware of monsters!


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