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Ears Oppoly

title:Ears Oppoly
download page:No link!
genre:Traditional games
developer:Kid friendly software
release:December, 2016
features:text, sound
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Ears opaly, previously known as Blindfold opaly is Kid friendly software's take on the well known Parker brothers board game of ruthless economic strategy. This portable Ios version replicates all the rules, and makes the game easy to control with just flicks of the fingers, for example you can run through the entire board just flicking left and right through the squares, and get additional information about any given property by tapping with two fingers.

As you would expect, the Kid friendly version of the game gives you a large number of options and game variations, these include cash on free parking, the option as to whether bankrupt player's properties become available to buy again, thus making the later game more interesting, and even the chance to start at the corners of the game board rather than in the centre so that players aren't quite as prone to bad dice rolls in the initial scramble for properties.

Uniquely, the game also comes with several different types of computer opponents who follow different strategies. The greedy player for example will try and buy up any and all properties she/he can, while fussy player will always try to complete colour groups. The evil player will specifically try to buy up properties that other players are looking for in order to stop getting all properties of a set, whilst the smart player is just that, a player who ways different factors at different times. When you choose to play a two, three or four player game, you will given a random selection of player types as opponents, customisation of computer players can be done with an in ap upgrade.

The game also can be played in a short or long version. The short game is a thirty minute timed game, with the winner at the end being the one with the most cash and assets. The long game on the other hand is the traditional, cutthroat version, where only bankrupcy ends a player's career.

The short timed game can be played with the ten coins that come with the ap, each good for one round. More coins can be bought as an in ap upgrade, or an unlimited coins option for ten dolars. Further options such as unlocking game variations, the ability to customise computer opponents, or even play your own music from your Ios music library during the game can be for an additional charge, with all upgrades costing 14 dollars.

As always for Ios titles you can find out more on This page on Applevis

With a long play time, appealing sound effects and some strategy in its computer players, this is definitely the answer for anyone who wants a huge board game at their finger tips.


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