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Echoes from Levia: Soulbound

title:Echoes from Levia: Soulbound
download page:link
genre:First person adventure
release:July 2018
features:text, sound, visuals
last edit by:Pitermach


The village of iniwic has not been an easy place to grow up for young Seric. Being blind from birth, and son of the local undertaker, he has had to put up with endless suspicion and gossip, especially given the imposition of the cult of Lehar, worshipers of the shining god. Yet, whatever they might think of him, when he awakes as a captive aboard a marauder ship, Seric is still determined to rescue his fellow villagers if he can, a task which the strange voice in his head, a familiar spirit calling itself Kiroth might just help him accomplish. But, escaping the marauders is just the first step on Seric's journey, which will take him through dangerous caverns, war torn villages, and deadly marshes as he begins to understand the strange powers that now have control of his life.

this is the opening scenario of the first game from new developer Cloverbit, a fantasy adventure set in Levia, a kingdom with its own rich history and world, all told in fully immersive audio.

Most of the gameplay revolves around exploring in the first person, locating objects or progressing through areas to carry on the story. Exploring in the game is comparatively simple. You walk back and forth with s and w or up and down arrows, turn to different directions with left and right arrows (or a and d), and sidestep with q and e, Note that though the game is mostly first person, all of your turns are 90 degrees, meaning that if your facing north, a single press of the right arrow will have you facing east. To progress its usually just a matter of finding the correct audio object (denoted by a sparkling sound), walking to it and pressing spacebar, though there are puzzles and challenges in there too.

As well as exploring, you will also occasionally run into battles. Battling is done by hitting the arrow in the direction of your enemy before he/she/it strikes you, occasionally parrying their blows with the down arrow or s key, note if your enemy parries you too many times, you will become stunned.

The game also involves graphics, a limited window will give you a slight tunnel view, perhaps representative of what Seric might see, but certainly not enough to be able to navigate by graphics alone, though a very unique representation of a visually impaired character's view of the world.

Though initially released as a commercial game on several platforms, including Ios and Android, Cloverbit realised in December of 2019 that they could no longer go on offering support for the game, so now offer the windows version as a free download. Sadly since Ios and Android depend upon ap stores for distribution, those versions are no longer available.

The above download link was provided by the developer, leading to their Google drive. Alternatively, the game can also be downloaded from the Audiogames archive.

For more about the game you can Read this review which forum member Slj posted in our articles room, though of course since he wrote that review when the game was first sold commercially, the comments of price no longer apply.

With an epic story, high quality voice acting and gameplay that is easy to get to grips with, Echoes from Levia will be a good experience for fantasy fans, particularly because Seric's story isn't quite over and we might be returning to Levia in the future.


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