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developer:Paul Clarke
release:2000, Ongoing
last edit by:Dark


You might be forgiven for believing that Empiremud is your standard hack n slash style fantasy mud. True it has combat, magic spells, quests and even the chance to turn into a vampire and suck the blood of others, however only a brief examination of the game or it's help files will tell show the difference. Rather than playing the role of an itinerant adventurer wandering across the land, in Empire mud you can literally walk in the steps of such mythological figures as Romulus and Remus and carve your own empire out from the wild, or indeed join another existing empire and help to make it great.

The game map is built of tiles which contain elements such as ocean, wood, planes etc. Some of these may be farmed, others may resources such as wood or stone if you mine, chop trees or quarry there, still others may have buildings built on them which can store resources, give you access to an npc population for your empire, or just be a place to drop your extra loot. Though the game is complex with buildings to make, tools to forge many ways to customise your character, instructions are plentiful, for example every standard item you pick up on the newbie island will give you a short tutorial quest on how to use it, and if you enter the tower of souls close to your starting location you can begin on a number of larger quests intent on teaching you the game.


Of course,there is a lot more to the game besides tutorials, everything from quests and dungeon adventures, to building up your empires army and navy for defence and attack, learning ancient magic and forging alliances or making war with your neighbouring imperial lords.


What is especially unique about Empiremud, is the amount of work that has gone into the games’ accessibility, particularly given that it is a rather complex game. Toggling the screen reader mode you can have the games ascii maps replaced with accessible text descriptions of what is around you which can even be customised to your liking or your current project, as you can change the size of the map and what information is displayed, for example changing the map to show the political ownership of tiles around you, or their resource counts. ,/p>

Whether you’re a crafter who loves to make everything from scratch, someone bent on exploration, or a fan of combat and forging a vast army Empire mud might have something to offer.


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