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genre:Interactive fiction
developer:Malinch Entertainment
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As Malinche closed their doors in 2014 and stopped selling all their commercial Interactive fiction, Endgame, along with their other games is no longer available.

Welcome aboard the good ship, ---- or rather sub Us Las Vegas, as Malinche quite literally dive into the realms of suspense, techno thriller and naval style Interactive fiction.

As captain of the us Las vegas your suddenly ordered to carry out a number of missions against various nations and enemy targets, from stopping an Alqaeda plot to interupt naval shipping in the Streights of Gibraltar, to disrupting the nuclear programs of Iran and North Korea.

Over four huge missions you need to use all the weapons of your state of the art sub, ----- not to mention your well trained Navy seal team and a good bit of old fashioned naval stratogy to achieve your various missions. With realistic detail on all the 48 rooms of your sub, ---- not to mention it's various crew members, ----- one of whome just might be out for the enemy, this is an atmospheric game perfect for fans of military thrillers and techno fiction alike.


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