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Endless runner

title:Endless runner
download page:link
genre:Arcade Games
developer:Mason Armstrong
release:May, 2019
last edit by:Dark


Endless runner is a departure from many of Mason's other titles, since rather than being a side scroller, its quite literally a fast action arcade game.

In a similar vane to Lworks classic Blinded guide, in Endless runner you play an intrepid runner out for a healthy morning jog, healthy accept for the hoard of chasms, the poles and trees you can run into, the doors you need to quickly unlock to proceed, and the fact that your running track has chasms on both sides of it, actually, thinking about it this particular jog is more likely to be a hazard to your health!

In the game, move left and right with the arrows, and use the f key to grab and operate door switches, though be sure to hit up when your about to plunge to your doom! Now of course most people presented with these sorts of hazards would naturally go slowly and carefully, not this runner however, clearly a fan of the famous kamikaze school of exercise, they run faster and faster. Fortunately, grabbing up a few items scattered around your course will let you slow down a little, or even warp you a few steps (less bad than it sounds when you consider how dangerous your running track is.

With a score board, tracking of over all game stats,awesome music, some very sarcastic loss messages and several difficulty levels, Endless runner has everything the fast action arcade game needs, even if it would give safety inspectors nightmares for life. Its also absolutely free.

To open the above 7z archive containing the game, use the password "runner".

Happy, or at least hopefully not too fatal, running.


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