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Escape The Dark Legion

title:Escape The Dark Legion
download page:link
genre:Role Playing Games
developer:Jeqocon Games
release:July 2013
features:text, sound
last edit by:Dark


Dle, (for dark legion escape), as it is often known), represents the culmination of a long and rather tortuous development. The game began online as an attempt to represent in text details of a graphical martial arts beat em up game such as streets of rage. With the advent of Bgt , however, things changed and with learnable skills, complex character advancement and a huge, randomly generating world, the game is definitely now in the adventure/rpg catagory.

The game lets you play as one of six characters, from the powerful Spectro, a boy who uses his powers to manipulate light to fight crime, the inocent Kia, a young girl born of mysterious parents in a tiny remote chinese village. These characters follow interacting storylines in a world heavily inspired by traditional, martial arts style Japanese anime, since though it seems to be modern day there are a huge number of powerful and wise masters to train with, evil orders of technologically advanced soldiers seaking power for their own sake, and deadly asteroid hits. The game's story, as part of a longer onrunning narative the developer has going in several games is indeed quite convoluted and will take a deal of getting to grips with (though hitting the slash or question mark key on character select will at least provide a little idea of the intro). combatin the game is mostly turn based, however certain aspect have real time elements in the form of what are almost minigames, for example if encounter a group of enemies it is possible to grab one and throw them into their fellows by hitting the attack, a and kick k keys and then an arrow.

the game can self voice via microsoft sapi, and can also output to various screen readers as well as via on screen alert boxes, indeed it plays in some ways like a mud with resting, being attacked and fights against hoards of enemies, as well as the large and explorable maps that randomly generate themselves.

The game is priced at ten dollars, however the above link will download a slightly older beta version of the game from 2011. Some of the features in this game aren't in the full version, for instance character advancement via skill points, and of course it is only a third as long as the main version, however it should give an idea of how the game works. With weather affects, hoards of enemies and monsters and a very unique setting, this is a game that will keep you scratching your head for a while, even as you dodge blasts of Kai based energy attacks from hoards of nasty ninjas.

To find out more about Jeqocon Games , you can Visit this page on the Audiogames archive site


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