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Evelyn's farm

title:Evelyn's farm
download page:No link!
genre:Role Playing Games
release:January, 2020
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Evelyn's farm is probably the least interesting idea for any game you've ever heard. You decide, with your friends the scholarly Lucy and the opportunistic Ivan, to get a summer job working on a farm to raise money for college. So, expect a lot of picking pumpkins and apples, harvesting corn, ---- and wait a moment? What are those mutated things coming out of the forest? and why are there robots in the barn?

Gameplay involves doing very simple tasks. Select a task from the menu, such as talking to Evelyn, picking apples or, ---- , fighting the hoard? and repeatedly tap the work button in order to get the task complete. Your character possesses stats such as knowledge and strength which will help them in their battles, ----- mmmm, I mean labours, with each press of the work button increasing the percentage of the task done by twice that amount. Once completed, your character will gain benefits such as extra cash, or improving statistics, as well as opening new jobs for you to complete, or new locations to visit.

As well as completing jobs yourself, you can also assign Ivan or Lucy to take them on, either singly or together, since like you, Ivan and Lucy's stats will increase as they do more work around the universe, mmmmmm, I mean farm. Should you run into any fights (unlikely as that might be in such a sleepy backwater), the game will combine your strength with those of your friends and pit it against the enemy. You can choose to fight (you'll be notified of your chances of success), or you can choose to run, whereupon the location will be inaccessible for ten minutes, though should you lose a fight, either you, Ivan or Lucy will be injured, and will take fifteen minutes recovering.

The game's main interface is text, however everything has been calculated to work seamlessly with Voiceover, even the asterisks used to indicate when Ivan or Lucy is doing a particular job, or the notifications you get when the game is left idle. The game has no demo, but at just 2 dollars/pounds/euroes it's hardly going to break anyone's bank.

With easy to learn gameplay that will appeal to fans of idle and clicker games as well as those who enjoy adventuring, an adroit writing style that pics out the locations you go to on your journey, and a branching and complex story which leds you into a glittering and exotic world with ever more to discover, not to mention the ability to replay the game with extra bonuses and find all 7 different endings, Evelyn's farm is a truly staggering game that will have you playing for hours, indeed it's just a shame that all summer jobs aren't this interesting.

As with all Ios titles, you can find out more by visiting Evelyn's farm's page on the applevis website


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