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Feelifs world

title:Feelifs world
download page:link
genre:Educational games
features:text, sound, visuals
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My name is Feelif. Join me and my bird on a journey to develop skills to feel pictures, shapes and graphs, follow the lines, explore maps and many more on touchscreen devices. This educative app was not just intended for blind and visually impaired, but also for sighted people to learn new skills.

Feelif's world is a first-of-its-kind multisensory game for blind, visually impaired and sighted people where players move through different planets, find the right way and avoid obstacles.

Pay attention to vibrations and audio instructions as you move through different planets. It’s fun. Explore the game, listen, collect coins and earn an amazing award on the end. In higher levels of the game you shall obtain competencies that will prepare you to recognize pictures and shapes on touchscreens. Our devices assist the blind and visually impaired to browse the internet independently with the help of AI, enable the tactile feeling of photos, support learning and boost creativity.


Feelif's World could be a great game for people new to touch screens or Android gestures in general, as it does a great job of gamifying the learning of gestures and reinforcing them. The goal of the game is to travel through planets, aided by Feelif, your trusty talking bird companion. He will give you the directions to follow through the use of different vibration patterns. These start off simple enough with just left and right swipes, but quickly get more complex as the game progresses. Soon, not only up and down swipes are thrown into the mix but also the two-part diagonal gestures that all Talkback users should be familiar with make an appearance.

Completing these gestures will give you points. Get enough of them right, and your means of transportation will be upgraded from walking, to running, to a bicycle, to a car and so on... all the way to a spaceship. These not only make you complete the level faster, but also give you a points multiplier which will come in useful if you want to beat the top scores on the leaderboard. You will also occasionally get a powerup that can be activated at any time with a double-tap and then doing multiple gestures at once, which will immediately give you the next transport faster and reset your lives counter. On the topic of which, if you at any point get a gesture wrong, you'll lose a life. Each vehicle has 3 lives and if you lose all of them you will be downgraded 2 levels back, and if you lose all of your lives while walking, then it's game over!


In addition to this, the game also features a playground, allowing you to practice all gestures and their vibrations in a quiet environment without penalties, an option to start from any level in the game, as well as information on the other hardware and software created by the company which can aid on education as well as accessiblity.


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