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Fist of fury

title:Fist of fury
download page:link
genre:Strategy Games
developer:Nathan Tech
release:February 2017
features:text, sound
last edit by:Dark


Are you stressed? do you feel tense? are the strains of modern life giving you unnecessary anger issues? You could try some calming herbal tea, Yoga stretches, or maybe a deep healing massage, ---- or alternatively, you could play Fist of fury and blow your enemy to pieces with an array of high intensity explosive weapons!

Similar to Nyanchan's classic Laser breakout fist of fury is a turn based strategic battle game in which the objective is to destroy all your enemies barricades before the enemy gets all of yours. At your disposal are four weapons, a shotgun, machine gun, grenades and even thermonuclear missiles plus a small supply of wood with which you can repair your barricades (this is presumably extremely hard wood if it can withstand nuclear explosions).

Playing the game is simple. Just use the left and right arrow keys to move between barricades and be told how much health the wall on the enemy's side has (you can check your defenses health with the H key, and use e to repair if you have some wood handy. Hit enter when you've decided where to launch your assault and select your weapon, though remember that the more powerful the weapon the fewer you have (use a and s keys to check ammo counts for yourself and your enemy and W to check your quantity of wood). Fortunately, you can get more weapons, as well as more wood by hitting p to open the projects menu (or use the numbers 1-5 to produce a weapon or wood directly. Unfortunately, producing items takes time, and while grabbing some more wood will just take a turn, producing another thermonuclear device will take you four rounds.

R will tell you how much time the current project has before completion, and since you can only run one project at a time, think carefully and manage your time well, since as your enemy has exactly the same resources and capabilities as you, it is good management and strategy not overwhelming fire power which will carry the day.

Though there aren't yet too many options to customize your game, you can choose the size of board to play on which dictates how may defensive fortifications you and the enemy have, from a short game at just 8 squares, to a massive full length war at 40 squares.

The game will run under any version of windows (including Xp), and will directly output to jaws, Window eyes, Nvda or MS Sapi, ---- though the majority of elements in the game are self voiced via recorded speech.

With some great sounding and truly explosive sound effects, plus some hilarious descriptions for even standard game elements (the menu description and speaker text are particularly funny), this is definitely a game for those who enjoy a dynamite audio atmosphere, best of all, it's entirely free.

Happy blasting.


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