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genre:Adventure Games
platform:windows, mac,
release:August 2014
last edit by:Pitermach


Entry update by pitermach: In April 2022, the Audiogame association overhalled their infrastructure, which also included the activation system of their games. Unfortunately many of their older titles including this one could not be updated. As a result, this game is no longer available for purchase. You can read the developer’s official announcement in the other news section of the March 2022 monthly digest

Flarestar is a game that is similar to Ticonblu's previous effort, Inquisitor's Heartbeat, but this time it is set in a science fiction universe. You are the captain of the Starship Ikarus, and on a return course, your ship comes under threat. You must find out what is causing the trouble, and then stop it.

gameplay primarily revolves around you exploring the ship using the four arrow keys to move around a grid, and the enter key to pick up objects, using stereo sound. The game emphasizes a maze-like structure, so there is a distinct lack of navigational aids. You do, however, have a suit which can tell you your location via it's computer, which is self-voiced. An inventory system is also present, and thus you will need to figure out which items to use in order to proceed through some sections. The tab key can be used to cycle through items, the enter key to activate them, and the game remembers the last item you picked up. There are also occasions where you will have to defend yourself with a ranged weapon, by holding down control and using one of the arrows. You will also get the chance to pilot vehicles through space. The audio atmosphere is fairly unique, when an enemy is far away it's voice will start to echo as well as generate some other effects, which can be quite creepy. If you are truly stuck, there is a built-in walkthrough that you can access at any time if you wish, but most of the time it is worth trying to explore for yourself.

If you would like a challenging game to play and you are a science fiction fan, you will probably enjoy Flarestar, if you take the time to explore and map out your own surroundings. The game is available for Pc and mack, and costs just 3.90 euroes. .

Note that whilst an Ios version was available at one point, it no longer seems to be around.

Additional Resources

  • The ticonblu website linked above contains some audio teasers, from a description of the game's story to a full reading of the instructions for windows, mac and iOS. However, there is no playable demo available.
  • For the iOS version of the game, there is an entry on the Applevis website.


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