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release:2005, Ongoing
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There really isn't an easy way to describe Fluxworld. The game is a mud, and is set in the far distant future on the perplexing yet beautiful planet of the title to which you have come as a tourist. What you principley do in the game is explore, look around, learn how various objects, systems and processes interact and play a part in them, and generally soak in the ambience and atmosphere.

The game has a few set activities, such as a scavenger hunt, several quests, rune gathering and a number of obstacle puzzle houses, however most of what activities there are to do in the game are themselves things you need to discover by wandering the planet of Fluxworld, renting boats or jet skees or cars, travelling through space to Fluxworld's two moons and generally speaking exploring, poking around and seeing what you can find.

Unlike most muds, the atmosphere is highly relaxed, sinse the emphasis is very much on wandering the world looking for secrets and playing with the toys and objects you find rather than engaging in hack and slash. Though you can if you desire attend the killing fields to fight various critters rpg style, and attend the university to raise your stats, this is only a small corner of what is out there in Fluxworld. The world has a thriving economy with a number of different material processes that you can get involved in, from mining and processing to hunting and farming, you can also repare solar collectors or try your hand at archaeology however far more of the world and what you may do there is just plane mysterious and requires unearthing as you go.

As a new player, going through some of the quests in adventurer's unlimited found close to the first room is a good place to start, these will teach you a little about exploring and solving puzzles, reading a good bit of the new player notes presented to you will be helpful too.

Fluxworld also has been fully customized for screen readers with no uses of annoyin ascii or repetitive text, indeed Centauri himself is a regular visitor to the forum so any access concerns can be addressed to him there.

Fluxworld in some ways feels rather like an extended interactive fiction, although you are not expected to perform any set goals to complete a story, (other than the game's quests), just to see what is around you, explore the world and soak in the alien atmosphere, it is for this reason the description is kept deliberately vague so as not to spoil your game. One fact we can reveal however, is that the game is absolutely %100 free.

Of course to play, you'll need a mud client such as Vipmud or Mushclient To start your holiday to Fluxworld, connect your mud client to centauri.servegame.com port 7777.

For more about the game, including the chance to vote for it or read reviews you can Visit Fluxworld's page on the mud connector site

Have fun puzzling your way through Fluxworld.


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