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Forum wars

title:Forum wars
download page:No link!
developer:Crotch zombi productions
platform:Online, web browser
release:2014, ongoing
features:text, visuals
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Forum wars is a rather unusual take on an online roleplaying game. Instead of choosing classes such as warrior and wizard, then journeying through fantasy kingdoms to do battle with monsters, Forum wars puts the player in the unusual role of a board internet guy/girl looking for some fun, who gets drawn into the dark and troubled world of causing cyber mayhem.

Choose a class such as emo kid or permanube then venture out onto the internet doing your best to pwn web forums into submission, armed only with your personal powers of annoyance, and whatever items handy online vendors such as "drugs are fun" can give you.

Though the theme of the game is definitely comical, there is a serious rpg in there. For example the Emo kid uses tears for their uniquely winjing based attacks rather the way that spell casters in more fantastical rpgs use mana, and has attacks that increase their power when their ego (what in other games might be called health or hit points), gets low, whilst the troll of course focuses on super damaging insults.

The game has a story which begins as players are recruited by the mysterious hacker shallow esofagus and then given various contacts to look into the dark world of online forum destruction.

One of the more difficult things about forum wars from an access perspective is firstly understanding what does what. As the game begins players will be on a parody of Google, and the messages from Shallow esophagus will appear towards the bottom. Once having gone through the main character generation players will be on a more standard web page, though note that given the theme of the game, many of the places do not correspond to normal names. For example "forums" are dungeons where you find monsters (threads), to battle, delivering them enough pwnage until they shut down and increase your players reputation. "Bookmarks" correspond to places a player can journey to to progress the story, while "S-talk" (a make believe chat client), contains your various contacts. The actual in game forum is amusingly known as "flame bate"

Battles against enemy forums can be somewhat confusing at first, since the main text is displayed as a parody of a forum thread. However so long as you make sure that "show numbers" and "display pbattle bar" are enabled in options you should be able to find a heading with the actual battle information on it, and thus distinguish the amusing details of how your character causes havoc from the nuts and bolts of the main game.

the first episode is entirely free to play, episodes two and three of the story must be unlocked with browny points (the games' donator currency). Browny points can also be used to buy a number of benefits, including rather uniquely, options to cheat your way throughout the game but not appear on the leader board, like having the maximum possible number of forum visits so you can finish the game in one setting rather than having to wait and return over successive days. You can also buy extra characters, meaning that once you've finished the story as one class, the option remains to do so as another, including the difficult permanoob.

Multiplayer options also are available as you challenge other players to online battles or engage in miner clan fights for prestige, though despite the rather heavy emphasis on internet terrorisation, the game is surprisingly free of pvp for those who wish to avoid it.

While the games development is finished and we probably won't be seeing any new episodes, each week players of the flame bate forums create new forums (monsters), for characters to battle, so don't get worried about seeing the same old creatures, ---- mmm communities, and having to slay, pwn the usual stuff over and over again.

Happy Pwning.


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