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Friends of the prince

title:Friends of the prince
download page:No link!
release:January 2018
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Robots! steal your jobs, take your favourite toys, and apparently the robot empire plans to enslave humanity. Fortunately, our glorious leader, The Prince defeated the robot queen with his unenviable cuteness and smashed her face in. now, Friends of the prince is the social media worth listening to. Get the straight news from our wonderful prince, as messages are delivered to your Iphone, just remember to hit the like button to improve the security, culture and economy for all the Prince's friends across the world and you will be awarded power with which you can raise culture, economy and security. Unfortunately, some treacherous souls might find the urge to push the dislike button which makes the prince sad, but hopefully they will be court and their power score reduced by half, and of course eventually they will be tracked down and sent off to fun camp to learn how wonderful our prince is along with all the other naughty people and robot lovers, and oh, please ignore any rumours of robots and hackers trying to subvert the glorious news from Friends of the prince, and make sure not to like any of their messages. .

So if you want to change the world, and help our lovely prince fill the world's laikes with chocolate, keep us safe from those nasty robots, invest in more toy factories and delight us all with his cuteness, download Friends of the prince today on Ios. Those especially oyal people who invest 4 usd orĀ£2.69 will find they get double the power for their clicking, which means of course more loyalty to the prince (or more support for those nasty hackers, but I'm sure nobody would be so mean as to support such a thing).

Fortunately, the prince's chief software developer Jcenter, who also worked on the excellent kingdom building game [Nano empire has insured that Friends of the prince is fully compatible with voiceover, just flick through the buttons for the global levels of economy, security and culture shared across all users of Friends of the prince, (hit the buttons to find out their current standing and what they do), read the messages from Friends of the which tell you of our wonderful leaders plans for humanity, and use the like button (there is also a dislike button as well using that makes the prince sad).

That is all, indeed it's surprising how simple and how much fun reading what our darling overlord is up to can be.

And if you want to see just how beloved our dear prince is you can even visit this page on applevis

All hail our glorious prince!


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