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Fury driver 2, Original sin

title:Fury driver 2, Original sin
download page:No link!
genre:Adventure Games
platform:windows, Mac
release:april, 2021
features:text, sound, visuals
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Welcome back to moon city in this concluding volume of Fury driver. With his success in the Moon walks , detective Virgil Hawk has successfully infiltrated the operation of the criminal King pin, Mr. Sin, the mastermind behind the wave of crime and violence that inundates Moon city. Virgil has made sacrifices along the way, and though he'd much rather leave for a quiet life with his girlfriend, the recovering drug addict Hill, he knows the sacrifices along the way and the dark path he's already walked will mean nothing if Mr. Sin's true identity isn't exposed. Getting close to Sin won't be easy though, and Virgil will once again have to engage in shootouts, drag races, and even set a foot over the wrong side of the law.

Gameplay continues in a somewhat similar fashion to Blindquest.During adventuring portions of the game, work your way around the vast metropolis of Moon city, looking for clues, talking to informents, innnocents or criminals, and trying to solve the puzzles that will eventually unlock Mr. Sin's identity. Of course, as this is still moon city, its a dangerous place, so don't be afraid to go armed. During combat, use the left, right and down arrows to dodge attacks and the up arrow to shoot. Added to the combat this time is Virgil's accuracy, since the more times you shoot in succession, the less likely you are to hit. Also, remember to load a new clip into your gun with the shift key after you've let off six shots, though be sure not to get attacked while your reloading.

the exciting race mechanics of the first game also make a comeback, with the need to dodge obstacles on the left, right or centre, and take turns at high speed.

The game is completely self voicing , and features the same atmospherically gritty techno soundtrack as the previous title.

the game costs 5.99 euroes (when not on sale), though to get a good idea of what the game is like, you can check out This gameplay video

For all of those itching to get back to the world of drugs, crime and fast cars, and finally see where Virgil's story takes him, Fury Driver Original Sin will be a welcome experience.


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