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Fury driver, moon walks

title:Fury driver, moon walks
download page:No link!
genre:Adventure Games
platform:Windows, Mac Steam
release:December 2020
features:text, sound, visuals
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Welcome to moon city, a sprawling concrete jungle awash with every kind of crime imaginable. Behind the crime however is a mysterious figure, Mr. Sin, an unknown kingpin who works from the shadows. For Virgil, newly appointed detective on the Moon city Pd, finding out the true identity of Mr. Sin and bringing him to justice is top priority. Even though all normal methods of investigation have failed, there might just be a lead, since Mr. Sin is rumoured to be involved in the moonwalks, the city's fast, dangerous and illegal road races where traps, guns and tricks are as likely to decide who crosses the finish line first as a superior car or racing skills.

armed with nothing but investigative skills and quick driving reflexes, it's your task as Virgil to make your way into the moonwalks tournament, in order to get close enough to expose Mr. Sin. Part of this is done through investigation, with a map interface similar to blind quest, in which you can use tab to explore objects in locations around the vast moon city map, talking to suspects, investigating objects and playing detectivve. At other times though, be prepared to jump in your roadster and put your driving skills to the testin quick fire reflexes, listening out for curves and getting knolege of when to turn, and when to spead up much in the manner of an arcade racing action game.

Of course, not all the action involves driving, since your still an officer of the law, and that means you carry a fire arm, meaning that occasionally, you'll find yourself in gun battles, needing to dodge bullets and blast away.

The game costs 5.99 Euroes, and is available for Pc and Mac, or on steam, though if you want to try out before you buy the game you can Go here to request a demo

With a story which follows several twists and turns, a funky, electronica soundtrack that suits the games' ambience, and an incredibly large map to explore, the game has something for everyone, puzzles, action, and a gritty ethos, and with an open ended ending which will have you eagerrly awaiting part 2


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