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download page:link
genre:Interactive fiction
developer:General coffeee company
platform:Windows, Mac, Palm os, pockit Pc.
features:text, sound, visuals
last edit by:Dark


Futureboy is an interactive fiction story with a difference, ----- it's an interactive comic! Featuring sound and graphics as well as text, the game takes place in rockit city, ---- a futuristic metropolis where super powered justice comes in the form of the intrepid superhero Futureboy! when futureboy is kidnapped however, it's up to you, ---- his room mate to save rockit city from the latest villain, with no super powers beyond your problem solving skills.

the game plays like any standard interactive fiction, with you getting some story related text and typing in commands such as "examine cape" or "inventory" many of which have common abbreviations, ---- X for examine, n for north etc.

The big difference is the truly huge! amount of sound and graphic clips played throughout the game, which makes this one incredibly atmospheric, and makes it quite understandable why, ---- unlike most Interactive fiction games, tfutureboy isn't free.

One other similarity futureboy shares with many interactive fiction games is that it's highly screen reader accessible, however Futureboy also comes with one extra twist here as well, sinse the game is already self-voicing via a number of selectable voices. this is absolutely a treat for anyone who likes weerd and bizarre text adventures, pluss all the fun of manic superheroe comics!

Thanks goes to Matheus of the audeasy list for extra information about this game.

Unfortunately, the website currently states that both the demo of Futureboy and purchice of the ful game is unavailable, and with the forum and contact also offline, the status of Futureboy is not known.


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