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Sadly Genleo seems to have vanished from the net and is no longer available.

Genleo, is a game similar to alien adoption agency, an online role playing game played in your web brouser in which you may battle against others (not to mention training to improve said batling), as well as undertake various other activities.

Set in a fantasy kingdom with a number of playable races from humans to blood elves and undead, there are diverse option for the pvp focus. You may also undertake various jobs that have you wandering about in the four major cities, as well as fish, falm, sale the otions or mine gold from the earth.

Of course, doing all of this take energy, which is replenished at a steady wrate, ---- though will refill higher if you are a subscribing member.

Though the screen is fairly cluttered, certain parts can be hidden for advantage with a screen reader, however using good page navigation is highly recommended. Fortunately, tables of stats and other such occurrences are relatively simple to navigate throughout the game.

With a variety of community options in amongst all the batling, this is probably more of a game for social players than those who simply want to explore the wild, however interactions, ---- both economic and violent are frequent through both player markits, producing goods, and of course challenging others to those various battles.


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