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genre:Incremental games
platform:Iphone, Online web brouser.
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Tired of online rpg games where you repeatedly grind upon the same thing over and over again to level up or earn gold or what not? Godville is exactly the solution. In godville, you will play as a god in the heavens who has control of a hero, ---- or at least, whome a hero is said to worship. your hero will take care of all the dull business of equipping weapons, fighting monsters, doing quests and traipsing about from place to place, and you as a God have almost nothing to do but sit upon your cloud and enjoy the antics of your chosen lowly mortal.

The game basically involves watching your hero and the amusing tales of their adventures in a fantasy kingdom as they do what heroes in rpgs usually do. slay nasties, do good deeds and right wrongs. they will also devote time to building you a temple and honouring you. The game basically then runs as virtually a series of headlines which you recieve everytime you log in to the game letting you know what your hero is up to, and (on the Iphone version), some notifications which you may set for when your hero completes a quest etc. Of course however, if that was all! the game involved it wouldn't be a game.

Assuming you do not set the game mode to zero player game, you have a store of god power. you will earn more if your hero devotes to you. You can use this either to write text messages commanding your hero (though whether your hero will take any notice is another question), or to reward or punish your heroes for certain actions. These have a minimal affect on your progress, but can still change your heroes' course if used judiciously, though sinse it is utterly impossible to lose the game even if you walk away and do not play for several months, such influence is more a matter of a suggested course of action than an actual game.

The game is free to play (or rather to not play), either online on the web brouser or with the Iphone ap. The Iphone version is fully workable with voice over and even has some advantages, such as recieving notifications and setting how certain events are shown, though should you wish to donate to the game, you can always buy some extra recharges for your God power so that you can either smight or bless your hero a little more often, however in Godville even more than in most games this will have very little affect on your over all progress.

though more an elaborate joke than an actual game, it can't be denied that Godville does have it's humerous side, especially in it's strange quest text and other attributes, so for a few minutes of humour people might want to give it a look.

Further information on the game's Iphone version can be found on The godville applevis page


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