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genre:Interactive fiction
developer:Malinch Entertainment
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As Malinche stopped selling their interactive fiction titles in 2014, and vanished from the net entirely soon after, Greystone, like their other If games is no longer available.

Greystone is a complex mystery interactive fiction game from Malinche entertainment. When three murders happen within the space of a fortnight, the staff and patience of the Greystone Psychiatric hospital become seriously worried.

As the best police detective available, it's your job to go undercover as a psychiatric patient in the hospital to snoop around, look for clues, and hopefully unearth enough evidence to find the killer and put them behind bars.

With a huge area to explore, and characters that range from a dodgy doctor to a vigilante patient, things won't be easy, even with a burly police trooper as backup, and the assistance of the best ferensics lab the force can offer.

Unusually in this If game, each turn takes up one minute. Take too long to formulate your case, ---- and the killer might just add you to the victim list.

With 40 endings, this is certainly a game with much replay value.


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