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Grim quest

title:Grim quest
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genre:Role Playing Games
developer:Goran K.
platform:Ios, Android
features:text, sound, visuals
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Years ago, an unwise council of sages unleashed the taint, destroying much of the ancient empire, and tainting the world with darkness. Now, the city of ashborn stands as a crumbling Bastian of hope in a dark world, a haven to mercenaries, adventurers and magicians, who journey the surrounding lands, collecting bounties on creatures of the taint, exploring the endless wastes, and risking life, soul and sanity to earn a few coins.

this is the world of grim quest, an old school dungeon rpg with a dark ethos, and a horrific, Lovecraftian atmosphere.

Selecting a character background from a wide variety, ranging from aristocrat, veteran, blind prophet or even escaped slave, and one of several pets, you embark on your life as a professional dungeoneer. The main thrust of the game involves entering one of a number of dungeons such as the submerged grotto great desert or ancient empire, exploring an area of the dungeon known as a floor, then either finding the exit, or returning to ashborn to stock up on supplies, accept new bounty missions, or even martial mercinary units to defend the city from besieging monsters, before setting out again.

Though the game has a lot to learn, the tutorial will take players through all of the services available in Ashborn, from the mystic emporium, where equipment, ingredients and supplies may be bought and sold, to the alhemist's cauldren where new potions may be brewed, or the blacksmith who will aid in forging weapons. All of these screen should be fully accessible with voiceover on Ios or talkback on android, though bare in mind it's sometimes necessary to perform a three finger swipe to see additional items in an inventory, such as a full list of available character backgrounds to choose from.

Uniquely, the game does not feature character classes in the traditional sense, however, by choosing what skills to learn, what stats to focus on and what items to carry, players can create their own character, whether through defeating enemies with the powers of necromancy, gun powder and musket, or good old fashioned strong arm brawling.

The dungeoning part of the game, places the player onto an empty grid similar to a chess board, with square 1 at the top left corner (the player's position will always be shown at the top of the screen). To move, it's only necessary to tap up, left, right or down of the player's position. Indeed, player can go through the hole dungeon from top to bottom by simply swiping right, though bare in mind every move will cost the player one unit of supplies. Of course, though each dungeon floor contains empty space, there are also many dangers to be encountered, including various dark creatures who attack the player, as well as a range of different adventures and special events. During fights, so long as a player remembers to tap the space just under each monster's name to target themm aiming attacks and skills should be easy.


while players can undertake bounty missions and other quests, the ultimate aim of the game is to complete the objectives mentioned in the journal, such as defeating the fierce prince of thieves on the 15th level of submerged grotto. As these various quests are completed, more difficult dungeons will open, and the player can descend further into the dark, hopefully putting an end to the taint that is consuming the world.

with a detailed history revealed through fragments of lore found exploring, notes on each monster type, and truly atmospheric sound and music to go along with the deep and complex gameplay, grimquest offers not just all the fun of old fashioned dungeon diving, but also an incredibly immersive world to explore as well.

The game is entirely free to download and play, and players can fight down as far as defeating the game's first boss, the rogue prince.

Aditional resources

As with all Ios titles, the game has It's own page on applevis found here. There is also The official grimquest wiki, a helpful source of information on all things grim quest, including downloads of the game's excellent music.

With deep gameplay, great atmosphere, and difficulty that can range from an extreme challenge with perminant death, to a relaxing chance to smack monsters, Grimquest should appeal to casual, or hard core rpg fans alike.


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