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download page:link
genre:Audio Adventures
developer:Fabulae Obscurae
last edit by:Sebby


Join radio reporters Martin and David as they prepare an investigative feature for their radio station and embark on an epic adventure to explore an ancient asylum for the criminally insane. Sixty years ago, the Heathcote asylum was ravaged by fire and all its inmates and staff killed. What will they discover upon entering the ruins now? Will the story have a happier ending this time? Is the horror finally over?

This is a fun, short story with multiple endings. The controls are to swipe up for commencing the making of your selections, left and right swipes for choosing the selection you want, and then swiping up again to confirm. Swipe down for pause and swipe down again for stop. During playback, swipe right for rewind and left for fast forward.

AppleVis link: Heathcote.


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