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Hell hunter, Anti-Nomen

title:Hell hunter, Anti-Nomen
download page:No link!
genre:Role Playing Games
platform:Windows, Mac
release:april, 2020
features:sound, visuals
last edit by:Dark


The world is far darker and stranger than most people imagine. Creatures like vampires, Werewolves and demons stalk the night, unseen and unnoticed by most humans. Many see humans as simply their prey , however some hide in plane sight, integrating successfully with human society and remaining unnoticed.

Elyon is a dhampir, son of a vampire and a human Stronger and faster than ordinary mortals, he has devoted his life to protecting those around him from the supernatural predators in their midst. Wielding the ancient sword vampire bane, he has cut down countless foes in his career.

Now however, Elyon's greatest challenge lies before him, none other than the King of darkness himself, Dracula, still dwelling in the modern country once known as Transylvania in his ancient castle.

Sword in hand, Elyon sets out to confront the ultimate evil. However, Dracula might just be the toughest opponent Elyon has ever faced, with tricks and traps at every turn, and a hoard of foul minions ready to do his bidding, indeed it might just prove that Elyon's own overconfidence is his greatest enemy.

This is the scenario in Anti-nomenn, the first part of Elyon's oddecy as a hell hunter.

Just as in Blind quest, the game combines light puzzle solving with fast action battles. Use the tab keys to examine object or choose which npcs to talk to, and be ready at a moments notice to jump into battle against the creatures of the knight, dodging attacks with the left, down and right arrows, and hitting back with the up arrow. However, gameplay here is surprisingly far more detailed than you might expect. The game features enemies with different attack patterns and even special abilities, as well as the need to tactically use blood vials Eleyon gains from defeated enemies to heal in combat.

Even the exploration portion of the game contains more than you might expect. While the gameplay initially appears simple, much is added during the game, including some fiendish scares, timed puzzles and unexpected moments, even going places never before seen in an audiogame. With a massive seven hours or so of gameplay, not to mention several post game secrets and extra quests to do, three fiendish optional super bosses to battle and even a hidden ending to discover, Elyon's mission will not be an easy one, or one which is easy for those playing to put down.

Add in an incredibly atmospheric soundscape , and dramatic voice acting, not to mention some wonderfully grizzly ways for Elyon's quest to end, and you have the recipe for something truly compelling.

The game costs 5.90 Euros; when not on sale, and may be bought on the above link. However, for those who want to try out before buying, you can Go here to request a demo. <.p>

Happy slaying, and don't let the vampires bight.


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