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Hells night

title:Hells night
url:No link!
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genre:Incremental games
developer:Mark Girling
platform:Online, Web browser
features:text, visuals
last edit by:Dark


On a dark night, your car stalls outside a creepy old Mansion miles from anywhere. As is usual in these sorts of situations, the obvious thing to do is walk up to the clearly synister old house and go inside, because obviously spooky abandoned houses late at night are the perfect place for auto repair. Less expectedly, you walk in and the first thing you start doing is harvesting souls?

Welcome to hell's night, a short but intensive text based incremental adventure. Harvest souls and ritual powder, cast spells, tangle with the undead, hobnob with spirits, and use your; actually pretty effective, magical powers as you explore ever more mysterious locations.

Though the playing experience is shorter than many incremental games, learning how to use all the resources you find, and where best to employ them is a nice exercise, and with unexpected new horrors jumping up as you unlock new areas, you'll find this game surprisingly addictive.

Everything is very standard internet text, buttons and links, though note that some in game messages appear in alerts at the top of the webpage, including a few instructions on where to go next.

Though sadly there is no game plus feature, or anything beyond finishing the game, which should take you a couple of hours, there's after all nothing like a couple of hours in a haunted house, and exploring this one will prove quite a lot of fun.


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