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Home quest, idle adventure

title:Home quest, idle adventure
download page:No link!
genre:Strategy Games
developer:Code stream
platform:Ios, Android
release:June, 2020
features:text, visuals
last edit by:Dark


What do you do when you find yourself in a strange land far from home? Why build yourself a home of course. Unfortunately, a home is just the start. You'll need a farm to provide food, and workers to work there, which of course means assigning yet more workers to gather resources such as stone and wood for building houses or monuments. Unfortunately, it turns out your new home comes with some less than friendly neighbours who would be more than happy to relieve your workers of the fruits of their labour, so of course, it's time to build an army and show these greedy locals your no push over.

This is the opening scenario in Home quest, idle adventure, one part idle resource management, one part military strategy, one part rpg, all around fun. Assign your workers to different jobs and build various buildings to let you assign more, then use your resources to field a mighty army. Battle grasping kobolds and wild beasts, learn tales of the world you find yourself in, ally with mystical shamans and follow along with the story as you create further settlements and grow your empire.

The game shares with the idle game genre the wonderfully addictive way that new mechanics, buildings and units are unlocked progressively as you conquer more enemies or achieve higher resource targets, and yet shares with the strategy genre the need to plan your battles, carefully recruit more units and remember that victory is usually on the side of the big battalions.

In access terms, the developer has done a fantastic (and very quick), job of making the game's interface more and more accessible with voiceover and talkback, including more comprehensive labels, a logical layout, and even handy close buttons for some of the game's popups. Playing indeed is surprisingly simple, just use the tabs along the bottom such as "town", "log", or "treasury", to go to different areas of the game, and then navigate the information with swipes and double taps, the game will even say "selected" on whichever tab your looking at to remind you.

The game is free to download and play , however a "gold" edition may be bought for $4. As well as supporting a developer whose done a great job with accessibility, the chief benefit of the gold edition is the ability to cue multiple objects at once for building or for other activities important later in the game.

As usual the game is available for Ios or Android on the respective google play and apple ap stores, and like all Ios titles there is This page on Applevis, about the game.

With an addictive style which always gives you something new to work for, a fascinating ongoing story, not to mention gameplay that doesn't stop just because you put your phone down, this is definitely a treat for hardcore strategy nuts, and casual gamers alike, and therefore one not to be missed.


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