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download page:No link!
developer:2mb Solutions
platform:Windows, Unix
release:October, 2016
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When most people think about horseshoes in the context of sport, they will likely think of what race horses have on their feet. Horseshoes however (also sometimes called pitching), is one of the worlds' oldest games and has a history dating back thousands of years.

The rules are simple Players take turns throwing horse shoes (those not attached to a horse's feet), at stakes in the ground. Six inches or closer to a stake and a player earns one point. Hitting the stake bang on target and having the shoe incircle the stake is known as a ringer, and will earn the player three points. The winner is the first to hit fifteen.

2mb solutions have bought the sport of Horse shoes to the world of audiogames. Gameplay is simple. First, listen to the scaling tone and hit space when it is in the center to choose the power of your throw (bare in mind that it is possible to both throw too short or too long). Then, listen to the tone flipping left to right and hit enter in the center. Get these two tones accurately enough and you'll earn a ringer, however given the speed of the tones and the fact you must use your judgement (especially with the power), you might find a little practice is necessary for you to be pitching correctly.

The game may be played against various randomly named computer opponents or another player (or you can have the computer play themselves). You can also choose the difficulty of the computer opponents, normal, hard, or (if your up for a real challenge), try taking on Alan Francis, the Horseshoes world champion.

The game is entirely free to play and outputs to Jaws, nvda or sapi, though to download the game you'll need to go through the shopping cart process (you can also add a donation here to help fund 2mb solutions development efforts if you wish).

Additionally Unix builds of the game are also available from the games github page.

With extremely nice ambience, and gameplay which is simple to grasp but quite tricky to get down pat, Horseshoes is a very unique chance for a little brain resting break.


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