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I fiction.org

title:I fiction.org
download page:No link!
genre:Interactive fiction
developer:Dave Walton
platform:Online, web brouser
last edit by:Dark


Not to be confused with the Interactive fiction archive site, I fiction.org is a great place for people to try out a wide selection of text adventure games without having to muck about with interpreters.

The site uses some specialized programming to have If games play streight in your web brouser as standard Html pages. no plugins, no downloads, no fuss! just read the page, and type in your commands. To save, just save the address of whatever page your on (for example by adding it to your favourites), and to go back moves, ---- use the back command in your brouser (backspace in Internet explorer for example).

As to what they have available, while they don't offer quite as wide a selection as you'd get if you manually download and run If games (for starters, the site can only include games originally written in Zcode format0, there is a hole bunch of stuff there nevertheless, including infocom classics like the legendary Zork adventure game series, the winners from many online internet interactive fiction competitions, and even some of the strangest things done in If that you could possibly imagine, ----- anyone ever heard of text adventure tetris?

If you want to make a start on If without the downloading hassle, ---- this is the place to begin!


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