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Improbable Island

title:Improbable Island
download page:No link!
developer:Dan Hall
platform:online, Web Brouser
release:2008, ongoing
features:text, visuals
last edit by:Dark


Improbable island began as a mod of Legend of the green Dragon with a whacky, humourous, and in places slightly adult bent, ---- but has evolved into a vastly different game with very much it's own feeling and mechanics. .

Some time in the near and slightly less serious future, a rather unhinged scientist attempts to create a device which produces endless supplies of energy (and convince his coligues that he's not just a weerdo). Unfortunately, this resulted in the creation of the Improbability drive, a device which distorts reality, creating crazy mutants, migits, and robots, not to mention a nightmarish number of monsters. You might think this would call for a hazardous mission which only the best of the scientific and military would have a chance at succeeding, --- a daring crusade against unimaginable odds. Nope, ---- try a reality Tv show!

For some reason best known to network broardcasting, the fight against improbability has now become a reality tv show. As it states on the front page, you wake up naked, in the jungle with a splitting headache after being grabbed by some large men and parashooted onto improbable island. After signing up, you first recieve an implant to help you survive, then some basic, --- and rather abrupt training at the hands of corporal punishment. Then it's time to grab a weapon and some armour (possibly fuzzy pajamas or pink panties), and go and try and make a name for yourself.

Being beaten up by the creatures will earn you a place on the fail boat, and the nastiness of retraining under the eye of the officious watcher before you can go back.

Improbable island however features significantly more than just monster bashing, ---- and even the monster bashing is somewhat refigned, sinse you have far more use of special abilities, weapons than in traditional logd. Combat also involves the new targiting system, in which parts of enemies will attack and targit you. Some parts (such as head, left arm etc), might be extra vulnerable and thus take more damage, while attacking a part that is about to deliver a strong attack to you will absorb some of the attack's force. This system makes combat far more strategic, and much less a button mashing fest.

Another major difference is the staminer system, by which instead of getting limited numbers of fights or other actions each game day (approximately one game day each four hours), you have a quantity of staminer. Each game day this refreshes, and you can get more by doing things such as eating.

Every action you take in the game takes staminer, however doing something frequently means it takes less staminer, ---- thus giving you a very customizable game, with no need to be bound to a class, where the more you do something, the more you'll be able to do it.

The game also features far more ongoing story than improbable island as well, You'll meet npc characters wanting help with various tasks, perhaps even interest the less than friendly watcher in your activities and ultimately uncover quite a plot surrounding the drive. More of this story is being added continually, though there is already a significant amount for you to do.

As well as conventional combat, you can also engage in travel around the island. Out in the wilds you will find more monsters and extra characters, and may be lucky to find items such as supply crates. On the squares of the map however you'll also find places created by other players. These are special, player designed locations that can be built from the ground up, and can even involve minigames, special items or other fun all designed by the players of improbable island.

You can also learn to skin corpses for meet, build robots or engage in many other activities, ---- hopefully pleasing the viewers on the way, and eventually of course confronting the improbability drive. .

Everything in the game is textual, in fact the author has even created two accessible skins for the game with labled images and indeed with the navigation links either before or after the text. There is also a very helpful view of the 5 x 5 map, which lets you know in text what is around you, and what sort of terrain your currently occupying (enable this in game preferences).

Another great access point (which actually is an improvement on the standard logd),is a total and complete lack of adds. The game is financed entirely by player donations, ---- indeed when the monthly donation targit is met all players get a bonus.

With the ability to add in game monsters, build places and generally play around, improbable island is also heavily open to player in put, and is thus very much constantly changing.

Though the humour can be adult in places, this is a rather fun litle game, ---- and indeed a surprise even for people who know the original legend of the green dragon very well.


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