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Incremental adventures

title:Incremental adventures
download page:link
genre:Incremental games
platform:Windows, Online web browser
release:august, 2020
features:text, visuals
last edit by:Dark


incremental adventures is a power gamer's dream. Remember in rpgs all that boring going from place to place, equipping items, following story, selling items and so on? Well here's a game which gets rid of all of that and just gets straight to mowing down those monsters, and seeing your hero's stats skyrocket.

As you begin the game, distribute a number of stat points to improve your hero's hp, armour, amount of damage done and amount they heal in battles. The distribution of these stat points also determines your character's class, for example warriors concentrate on hp, damage and armour, rangers on just hp and damage. Once you've created your hero, head out to the battle field to begin defeating flaws of the endless dungeon.

Your hero will fight automatically, gaining experience, levelling up and acquiring gold along the way which may be spent in the armoury for various upgrades. Every so often as you descend more dungeon floors you'll earn rewards, such as more stat points for your hero, or other heroes to join the party. Whilst the death of all your heroes will end your progress, that is not the end, since your heroes will begin again from floor one, whilst keeping their level and all their experience.

This isn't all. When your heroes have levelled high enough, the prestige tab will be unlocked. This lets you earn prestige points which can be spent on even more benefits, such as increasing the amount of experience your heroes get, their various stats, or even earning more heroes. The bad news is, these prestige rewards will take more and more points, and thus higher and higher levels reached by your hero to acquire. The good news though, is that even your prestiges can prestige into higher layers or levels, earning you not only the chance to unlock even more upgrades, but also reset those earlier prestiges as well.

Later still, other mechanics will unlockk final assentions, further levels of prestige, and truly ridiculously high levels for your hero's stats to reach, indeed if you want a game which lets you go from level one to level one trillion, this is it.

Though not intended as an accessible game, the interface couldn't have been designed better, being about as standard a webpage as you could want with headings and buttons. All important pieces of information can be found by handy headings such as hero, stats and so on, whilst information about your hero's current status is always available at the top. click on the links to change the tab between hero, armory, prestiege etc, then use the headings to move between items. In the hero tab, you can distribute stats, which can be done by clicking on the plusses and minuses (make sure to have your screen reader's punctuation speaking set correctly), and if you want to witness your hero's mighty battles, find the battlefield tab, click with spacebar and then go down to the bottom and read the incoming text.

The game may be played online on the above congrigate website, though note that the congrigate page itself is a little cluttered. Alternatively, if you download the Steam version, you can have a nice simple browser window with no inconvenient extra links to get in the way. Both versions are free, however several Dlc's (packs of downloadable content), are available on steam for prices ranging from 5 dollars to thirty dollars. These will speed up the amount of experience your heroes get, and multiples may be bought to progress at truly ridiculous speed, though of course, these only speed up progress and nothing in the free version of the game is impossible with a little patience.

With an easy going interface, and yet a little stat management, this is ideal for anyone who just wants to see how many monsters they can slay and truly how godlike their heroes can become.


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