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Inquisitors heartbeat

title:Inquisitors heartbeat
download page:No link!
genre:Adventure Games
platform:Windows, MAc, Ios
release:June 2014
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Inquisitor's heartbeat is a spinoff from Ticonblu's popular Inquisitor game series and returns once more to the dark and zealous world of 13th century Italy.

Rather than playing in the investigative, classic adventure game style of the other Inquisitor titles, Inquisitor's heartbeat takes a simpler approach. Throne into a pitch dark dungeon for herracy, the player takes on the roll of a prisoner who must first get out of his cell, and then wander the lightless dungeons and dark floors of the monastery and even the night time forest in an effort to recover a valuable religious book and clear his name of the charge of heresey.

Inquisitor's heartbeat plays mainly as a maze game. Either use the arrows or swipes on your Ios device to move one step in the cardinal directions, and interact with objects by approaching them. With no helpful aides like coordinates, it's all a question of making the most of the clues you get in sound and training your memory, especially if your not going to end up court by brutal guards or even worse things that crawl about in the dark.

The game is composed of 35 maze levels in 7 different environments, each presenting a different style of challenging maze to unlock as you progress through the story, from working through doors and cells in the dungeon to skirting around trees in the forest. Additionally, an endless mode is available which will generate random mazes for the player to solve.

The game cost 4.90 euroes for Pc, Mac and Ios, and versions may be bought in English, Spanish, the original Italian or even in Latin.

Though there isn't a playable demo of the game available, however several audios, from an atmospheric teaser to a full audio reading of the instructions can be found at the above Ticonblu site which should give a good idea of what the game is about.

Additional Resources

As with most accessible Ios games there is a Page on applevis about the game.

You can also hear This podcast by Khalfan Bin Dhaher of the Applevis Editorial team.

Though a simple game in concept, the rich story, down right creepy ambience and great atmosphere make this a very unique way to enter the world of Nicholas Eymerich, and definitely one for Inquisitor fans.


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