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Insect therapy

title:Insect therapy
download page:link
license:open source
genre:Arcade Games
developer:Oriol gaming zone
release:March 2016
last edit by:Dark


Insect therapy is a new game from Oriol Gomez which is absolutely full of bugs, ---- no, the game runs fine, it's just teaming with insects to slay. The principle is very simple. Listen out for insects coming from the left, centre or right, use the arrows to move to that direction and swat away with the enter key. Normal mode adds two new insect positions at the near left and right, meaning five possible areas of attack for insect hoards. This makes the gameplay fast, furious, not unlike that found in Grizly gulch

Of course, fortunately it's not just you and your swatting skills alone against the beasties, since occasionally power ups will appear. When you hear the power up sound press a successive number, e.g, when you hear the first press one, the second two, the third three and so on up to five, then back to one again. These will reward you with a killer insect spray (used with the spacebar), which demolishes all nasty things on screen in one fel swoop.

Of course, the more accurately you crush the creepy crawlies, the more points you get and the higher you raise in level, however the faster the various insects get too.

Created with The blastbay game toolkit The game now is abandonware. Furthermore, since antivirus programs read anything made with Bgt as a virus, you'll need to add an exception to windows defender in order to play the game. Though Oriol only now provides source code versions of his BGt projects on the above page, the audiogames archive do have a fully compiled version of the game, which can be downloaded at the above link.

The game is entirely self voicing, and utterly free.

Also find out more about Oriol Gomez and his games on The Oriol gaming zone page on the audiogames archive site

Happy swatting.


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