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Inspector Cindy: Lights out

title:Inspector Cindy: Lights out
download page:link
developer:7-128 Software
platform:windows, mac
features:text, sound, visuals
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the end of the 19th century was a time of new scientific inventions. Not least of these were the modern Edison electric lights. Now though, it seems those scientific lights have caused quite a problem, ---- and it'll take scientific crime fighting methods to solve it. Fortunately, Inspector Cindy of the Austro Hungarian empire, ---- well versed in all such methods is on hand to provide help and advice.

this is the scenario in the game lights out, another mystery starring Inspector cindy, ---- and you from 7-128 software. Working with a very easy to use menu driven interface, the game allows you to get straight into your work as a detective for the newport police by cross examining suspects and traveling around newport to gather clues.

the facts of the case are murky indeed. Miss Muffy huffington was holding an engagement party to celibrate her upcoming wedding, --- when suddenly the electric lights went out. When they came back, the ring was missing. With a jealous friend, a sister who certainly doesn't! want Miss Huffington as a new sister in law, --- and those ever thieving servants, this presents a pretty puzzle indeed!

though most of the game works similarly to a traditional gamebokkwith textual or self-voicing menus, ---- which also output to Window eyes and Jaws, a wealth of sound effects and clues from the inspector herself make this an incredibly atmospheric game, ---- pluss more video clues from the other inspector cindy games may be seen in Lights out as well.

The mac version may also be found here note you'll also need to have the 7128 gamebook found here installed in order to try lights out.

Though originally released as a commercial game, since 7-128 software have released all their games for free, this is a perfect opportunity for a bit of shady detective work.


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